What are the benefits of personal training?

Personal training offers a variety of benefits, such as customized workouts tailored to your goals and fitness level, improved accountability and motivation, proper form and technique guidance, faster results, and reduced risk of injury.


How often should I work out with a personal trainer?

The frequency of your personal training sessions depends on your goals, current fitness level, and availability. Typically, it is recommended to work out with a personal trainer 2-3 times per week for optimal results, but it can be adjusted based on your individual needs.


What should I expect during a personal training session?

During a personal training session, you can expect a combination of exercises, including cardiovascular workouts, strength training, and flexibility exercises. I will guide you through each exercise, ensure proper form, provide motivation, and track your progress.


How long is a personal training session?

The duration of a personal training session can vary depending on your preferences. Typically, sessions last between 45 to 60 minutes, but shorter or longer durations can be arranged to accommodate your schedule and goals.


Can personal training help with weight loss?

Yes, personal training can be highly effective for weight loss. A personal trainer can design a tailored workout program that incorporates a mix of cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and diet recommendations to help you burn calories, build muscle, and achieve your weight loss goals.


How much does personal training cost?

The cost of personal training can vary depending on factors such as location, trainer's expertise, session frequency, and duration. It is best to inquire directly with a personal trainer or fitness facility to get accurate pricing information for their services.


Do I just pay for the 12-Week personalised plan first or do I need to contact you first? 

You pay for the plan, and once I receive the payment I will get in touch with you to discuss goals for the plan, then I'll get to work to produce it.